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2 years ago

NewMatureTube - Free Streaming Porn Videos


After that first night with David, we spent some time together, most fuck. one night after a session of good sex fantasies, and we discussed all the usual and came to be fucked by a guy with a big cock in my.... daves 7 inches was good, but I had wondered what it would be filled to the max with thick pump drive. thought no more about it until a few days later when we met at night with Dave 's friends, Kate and Rob. Kate was a little older than me and spectacular, long legs, long blonde hair and breasts of a good (bigger than mine). Rob was a piece about 35 large and muscular. After dinner and some drinks flirting returned home and opened a bottle or two, and it was not long before the topic turned to sex, and started them all. Kate said that Rob was a big boy, and a little bitter, a burst of my desire to have a big cock. I was newmaturetube embarrassed, but nobody seemed worried, in fact, Kate tells Rob, Try me.... heDave saw and received a nod and stood up, walked to where I was sitting and told me, when I see him I wanted to undo his pants in my car. Watch Dave and Kate for approval, I have, I rubbed the lump with a trembling hand. God it felt so newmaturetube good.... button of his pants newmaturetube and slowly stuck I pulled the zipper...... , Fuck, he commanded ! his half -hard cock pulled out and have been 9 inches long. I was staring in shock almost imagine how big it would grow. " Kate is lucky bitch " " Yes, I know. Why not have a play with it and see it full size " There were no newmaturetube words of my mouth as I grabbed it and little Rob masturbated little rock was hard and fast absolute emormous " sucking babe " steal or say wide and licked the head with my tongue, I slowly opened my mouth until I touched the tip of the back of my throat. When Rob and fellatio Moanda heard laughter from the other side of the room and suddenly remembered,we are not alone ! Kate looked newmaturetube over and Dave kissing passionately on the couch with the right hand of Dave skirt and stockinged legs open to see Kate allow easy access to her pussy. " Your so wet " I realized now that this is a leader and my pussy on the idea that Rob takes me senseless with his monster cock and pussy with Kate and Dave was flooded in the same room. Rob began exploring pushed to strip the clothes from my three fingers in my pussy. I was soaked. " I think they are ready for your dick? " Left " newmaturetube Please fuck me, but the gentle giant " Rob in a chair and relax in the queue. I had control of the rate of penetration and slowly pulled down below the lips stretched contraction of the shaft. I Kate heard that comment from Rob took his cock and opened my eyes and see Dave riding cock with enthusiasm. Finally, I totally stole thick and after a few minutes of gentle grinding to get used to the size I started riding ยช impaleds dirty bastard, as he maimed my tits and rubbing my clitoris. It was not long before one reaches a climax huge that I almost fainted caused to fall, as i used Rob picked me up, still with his cock in side view and took my stand for a while, it was great . then, as I approached orgasm, he sat in his chair newmaturetube and began to really pound fucking loved the n "fuck me hard son of a bitch," I yelled at him and he did. I hit the cervix with each stroke. I went with newmaturetube small splashes that Rob seemed even more incentive. newmaturetube Kate and Dave were actually judging by his grunts and his lustful moan. set my feet on the shoulders of theft and newmaturetube asked him to fill me with his sperm. shock a few minutes and got into even more and, in fact in my neck and wine.... I could feel jet after jet of hot cum fill my lap, before the two of us collapsed, exhausted heap. if we newmaturetube all came to me with Kate Daves ou drip outt r
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